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Welcome to the world of Pipercross Performance air filters – the champions choice.


The PX range of Pipercross high performance air filters offers the ultimate in engine filtration, giving outstanding performance over the life of the filter compared with the leading cotton gauze filters.

This is made possible because of the unique filter material used. It is constructed from a multi-laminated layer of reticulated polyurethane foam lattice, impregnated with a dirt-retention additive.

This filter framework allows optimum airflow to the induction system, as well as absorbing dust particles in a sieving action. The layers of foam contain pores of differing sizes, with larger dust particles trapped in the outer layers, medium particles at the next layer and so on, through to a final layer that traps particles as small as five microns. Pleated cotton gauze filters, by comparison, have to be regularly cleaned to achieve the same life as a maintenance-free foam filter. This Means that although air flow and power results are often very similar when first fitted the Pipercross continues to flow more air than the cotton gauze filters once they start to get dirty.

Result, high power, often out performing competitive brands in tests and low maintenance.

Pipercross are one of the most successful filter manufactures and have won hundreds of championships including several World Rally Championships. Additionally they have been supplying OE filters to Triumph for about 10 years and are used and recommended by top Ducati race constructers JHP and Crescent Suzuki where they have been attaining excellent power results.


Pipercross Power Performance Filters

Dyno and race proven filters to replace the original equipment item. Requires the retention of the original air box. Wherever possible these also increase the aperture size to ensure maximum air flow and maximum power!


Pipercross Power Race Filter
Developed from the Power Filter range but utilizing an F1 type foam to develop maximum power for Race and Track bikes. This delivers excellent breathing and therefore power but requires more maintenance than the Power Filter range.


Pipercross Power Cones

Individual power filters to replace the air box unit where it is restricting air flow or cannot be used for other reasons. Also, often an excellent choice for motorcycles where few other choices are available. Several new models currently under development.


Pipercross Power Induction Kits

Sometimes the manufacturers work hard to optimise power and sometimes not! This can depend on many factors, such as target customers, intended use, noise legislation or omissions. Sometimes additional power is available with known modifications and the Power Induction Kit can help you get at it! As an example the SV1000 kit was tested as + 8BHP.


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